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Training and e-Learning

The hearing screening programme offers the following courses for local NHSP teams:

NHSP team training is delivered free of charge (except CCCW).


1. NHSP Team Leaders

Useful resources for Team Leaders - click on the title to access:


2. NHSP Local Managers

All new Local Managers must undertake NHSP Screener training within 3 months of commencement of employment.
Training requirements are detailed in

NHSP New Local Manager Training

This is a 2 day course intended for new NHSP Local Managers.

Useful training resources - click on the title to access:
  • NHSP Risk Management and Failsafes eResource This online resource details the steps of the NHSP care pathway and where risks are most likely to occur.
  • NHS Screening: Doing More Good than Harm This is a 3½ minute video, narrated by Martyn Lewis, giving an excellent overview of screening using examples from the newborn blood spot and newborn hearing programmes.
  • The new Health Knowledge module on screening is an excellent, really easy to understand, ‘interactive learning module’ covering all the basics of screening.  It has been developed by Dr Angela Raffle who has many many years of experience in screening. 

3. Audiologists - eSP

This one day workshop covers the entry of audiological data into the NHSP IT system eSP. It is intended for Audiologists who either:

  • carry out audiological assessments on babies referred from the NHSP
  • assess infants who have a permanent childhood hearing loss

To register your interest in future workshops please email Gail Allan

Please note: There is a charge of £80 if a confirmed place on any course is cancelled without a minimum of 10 working days notice (except in execptional circumstances).


4. NHSP Screeners

NHSP Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

This verification of screener competency is intended for:

  • Hospital sites: all screening staff carrying out screening, supervising or assessing screening staff
  • Community sites: all screening staff carrying out screening, supervising or assessing screening staff with the exception of HV/RN who carry out AOAE only

Before attending this course screeners must have:

  • Successfully completed the NHSP eLearning Screener Module units 1 to 7 inclusive
  • Performed 5 AOAEs under close supervision (entire process from consent to completion)
  • If carrying out AABR screening - Performed 5 AABRs under close supervision (entire process from consent to completion)
  • Had their AOAE/AABR competence assessed by direct observation using the NHSP Practical Assessment Toolkit, as per the NHSP Screener Competence Framework

OSCE dates:

- 9th October 2014 Full - waiting list available for cancellations please contact Gail Allan

- 9th December 2014

 See below for booking forms and details.


Please note: The cost of attending the OSCE is  £50 per candidate.  If a booking is cancelled without giving 10 working days’ notice the £50 fee will still be charged.


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