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Facts and figures


Facts about the NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP):

  • NHSP has one of the most successful clinical IT systems currently in use in the NHS. It is called eSP and handles the screening of over 1800 babies every day
  • Based on data for babies born upto December 2013

Every week on average:

  • 12,743 babies are screened
  • 345 (2.69%) babies are referred for audiological assessment
  • 32 babies identified with a permanent childhood hearing impairment (PCHI)
  • Since 2002 nearly 6.4 million babies have been screened
  • Each year 18,000 babies are referred from the screen (72% unilateral referrals, 22% bilateral referrals, 6% incomplete screens)  
  • 6,293,103 screens have been offered (98.5% of babies born)
  • 6,123,781 babies have had one or more tests (95.8% of babies born)
  • 6,005,059 babies have completed the screening process (96.5% of babies born)
  • 12,259 babies have been identified through the programme with a permanent childhood hearing impairment (PCHI) - 7658 with a bilateral PCHI and 4601 with a unilateral PCHI

Update 30/05/2013


NHS Atlas of Variation 2013

An atlas of variation showing graphical representations of the audiological assessment rates and time from referral to assessment by PCT. Go to page 102 to 105.

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