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This page shows all current audiology protocols and documents or links to further information.


Audiology Training and Support

eSP for Audiologists

eSP: Introduction and training for Audiologists


ABR refresher courses and ABR peer review training

Please contact Dr Guy Lightfoot at: ERA Training & Consultancy Ltd or by phone on 0151 625 9002.


VRA training

This course is now run by Nicola Howells at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Please direct any requests or enquiries about VRA training to Nicola Howells


Queries and support

Screening related queries: contact the screening helpdesk (emails are the preferred method) or by phoning 0207 164 2014, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

ABR related queries: A previous consultant to the programme, Dr. Guy Lightfoot, is able to answer occasional technical queries providing these do not relate to individual patients and the volume of queries is modest. Guy can be contacted at or by phone on
0151 625 9002

The ABR and OAE discussion forum has been removed as resources are no
longer available to moderate it.


NHSP Clinical Group

With the remit of NHSP changing to focus on screening and not audiological assessment or post-screening care and management, the current clinical group was formally wound up in January 2014. A summary of the work of the clinical group was published in Audacity (the magazine of the British Society of Audiology) Issue 2 December 2013..



The following information and documents are available:



The following information and documents are available:


Audiological Assessment Guidelines

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Note that the meningitis testing guidance (revised June 2012) is now Appendix A within the revised surveillance guidelines v5

The following documents are now available on the BSA website resources page

The following document is now available on the MCHAS Website

  • Habilitation guidelines. An updated version of the Infant Hearing Aid fitting guidelines including guidance on entering ABR thresholds in dBeHL

ABR Peer Review

Peer review is defined as a system in which

  • Review of cases undergoing ABR assessment is carried out by a professional external to the
  • cases for review are selected  on an agreed and systematic basis and not left to the discretion of the individual clinician
  • the timescale of the review allows the review to inform further testing and management of individual cases and allows for recall and retesting in a timely manner where this is
  • there are explicit criteria for selection, training and accreditation of reviewers and
    periodic moderation of their  performance to national standards by someone outside the local network
  • there is regular (annual) audit of the outcomes of the review process

 Periodic meetings to discuss “interesting” cases do not constitute an adequate mechanism for external peer review.

The documents listed below were defined to support groups of departments establishing such peer review groups.


ABR review form (excel spreadsheet) is designed for external peer review. v14 (18/12/2013)
Standard generic ABR peer review model - Updated January 2014 based on South London model (with thanks to Inga Ferm)
Sending ABR reports for peer review by email (19/7/2012) - advice from Guy Lightfoot

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